Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Changed Focus

I want to use this blog differently now, as a place to post things about my spiritual journey as a deeply committed Catholic.  Since no one is reading it anyway, I guess I can do whatever I want, LOL.  So today (or I guess it really started on 12/21/15) this has a different focus.

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Anonymous said...

Well, carol, I am reading it! My daughter who is about to turn 26 became Catholic in 2014 and it was a wonderful journey for her. We were raised Methodist but my first one was an Ecumenical one in Delaware back in the late 1960s, so I had a previously very positive realtionship with the Church. I am finding these recent posts absolutely fascinating and am sure they will help me understand Rebecca's decision more completely. I am very happy for her as she has become more centered as a result. Thanks for helping me understand Catholicism on a deeper level. Jane Tuten