Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Sin of Gluttony


I can't believe it, but I have just uncovered a new sin I have been committing for a long time, and I never even knew it:  GLUTTONY!  

On January 1st of this year, I began fasting every Friday in reparation for the sins of my past life.  Although there are some points on those days when I feel bad (which is partly the point!), I have had no problem carrying on my normal activities, even without eating.  The hardest thing has been remembering not to eat, because I normally do it so mindlessly, and always have.  I think a lot of Americans do this, frankly--as if it's our God-given right, LOL!

This finally drew my attention, and I started thinking about eating in general.  The purpose of eating has to be to fuel your body so that you can live, right?  So I suddenly wondered whether eating when you are not really hungry could possibly be considered sinful.  I looked it up (thank you, Internet!) and guess what?  YES, it comes under the category of gluttony.

I was totally shocked;  I always thought gluttony was eating to terrible excess, such that you practically made yourself sick:  I never knew that what I have been doing for my entire life is also gluttony.  What a revelation!

When I consecrated my life to God in November, right after returning to the Church, it caused an incredible transformation in me:  I am on fire for the Lord, to the degree that it is almost unbearable.  I now understand what the evangelicals mean when they use the phrase, Born Again, because that is exactly how I feel.  One of the results is that I am unable to knowingly sin, so now that I realize that what I have been doing with food is sinful, I have to stop--and I have already.

It is going to take a great deal of concentration in order to avoid this sin, because I am not used to ever thinking about whether I am really hungry or not---but I hope that in time, it will become second nature and I won't have to be constantly vigilant about it.  +

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