Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Went to Confession tonight, and what a grace that is.  I feel sorry for people who are not Catholics, who cannot experience the tremendous relief of opening your soul, unburdening yourself in total honesty, and knowing with absolute certainty that you have been forgiven and can start fresh.  It is my 2nd favorite Sacrament, after the Eucharist. Although confessing to a priest can sometimes be embarrassing... awkward.... shaming.... difficult... you feel so wonderful afterward, it is incomparable.

Tonight I confessed something that has been a problem for me for many, many years--but this was the first time I had the courage to admit it out loud.  I have asked God's forgiveness many times over the years--and felt that I had it--but now I KNOW it.

Oh, dear Lord!  I love You so much, and all I want is to give myself to You totally.  You have made me for Yourself, Oh Lord.  Please guide me in the path You choose:  I am not going to push this time, I am going to be patient and let You show me what to do:  I put all my trust in You.  +

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