Thursday, December 24, 2015

Message from God? You decide.


I have the care of my parents, who are 89 and 90.  Not long ago, my Dad was shuffling out to the kitchen with his walker to start feeding our cats, when suddenly his pants fell down around his knees.  He has gotten terribly thin, and he normally uses suspenders, so apparently he just did not tighten his belt enough to hold his pants up.

I was watching him from the dining room, and of course I got up and went to help him. As usual, I was in "task mode:"  OK, this is what I need to do now....  However, as I was helping him get his pants back up, clear as a bell I "heard" this voice inside my head:  "Jesus would hold him."

Wow, what a reproach!  I changed gears immediately, pressed myself up against his back to steady him and keep him from falling, then put my arms around him from the back, hugging him as I continued helping him secure his pants.

I don't know if he could tell the difference, but I sure could, because this time, I was doing it with tenderness and love.  Hope I never forget this lesson.


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