Saturday, February 20, 2016

Meeting Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation


I am very blessed in that I am almost constantly aware of the presence of Jesus near me throughout the day as I go about my normal life--it is something I cannot explain or describe, but I know it with absolute certainty.  Because of this, I talk to Him pretty much continually, mainly telling Him how much I love and adore Him, or thanking Him for something He has done for me. I have been surprised and puzzled, though, that I am not  aware of His presence when I am in the Confessional.  

Recently, I came to understand why.  It is because He is really there, in person, under the appearance of the priest.  I see Father Rafael, but it is actually Jesus within him, there to show me His mercy and forgive my sins.  Just as when the priest, in the person of Christ, utters the words "this is my body/blood," the elements appear to be bread and wine, but they are really the Body and Blood of Christ. I think this is pretty awesome.

If every Catholic knew this, they would be flocking to Confession in droves.  I wish there was some way to tell them.  +

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