Thursday, December 22, 2016



Except for 1981, the year that I was received into the Church, this is definitely the most beautiful Advent I have ever experienced.  I don't know why my heart was so ready for it, but for some reason, I cannot stop rejoicing in the miracle of the Incarnation this year.


The very idea of it is astonishing:  that God loves us so much, wants us to know Him so much, that He sent us Jesus, so that we could understand Him, the inexpressible, indescribable Creator, in our own human terms.  He gave us Jesus, in order for us to be able to see with our own eyes what God is really like... to have a perfect example, a model of a holy life before us, to make it easier for us to understand what He hopes for from each of us. 


Because of Jesus, we can reach toward the dream that is built into every one of our souls--whether we choose to admit it or not--which is to be like God.  He is the secret love hidden in our hearts, a love that is unlocked once we meet and know Jesus.  The glory of it is overwhelming, and without parallel in worldly existence.


Contemplate God's perfect love for every person--and actually see it in human form as Jesus interacts with the people He meets throughout the Scriptures.  No matter who they were, what they looked like, or what they had done, no one was beyond the reach of his love and forgiveness... and neither are any of us.


Look at a crucifix, and contemplate the lengths to which God will go to show us how much we should love our fellow man.   And yes, he really meant that: even to the point of sacrificing our own life for others, even one other if necessary--even one other who has injured us in some way, who has done to us what we feel is unforgivable.  Do you think you can't follow Him there?  He did it, He showed us:  we have it within us, with His grace, to do it too.   


My Lord and My God!  I can never love You as much as You love me, but please allow me try--to make loving You and living only for You, the goal of my earthly existence!  That is all I want, that is all I ask, that is all I need. +


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