Thursday, November 24, 2016

Choosing God



Ever since I returned to the Church about a year ago, I have been feeling so bad about the fact that I now have a rich, full and happy life--but my parents don't.  I feel like I have left them behind, and it has made me feel very guilty. 


Suddenly, today, I realized that it was their choice to live as they have, and it is not my fault!  There was nothing stopping them from staying close to a church, or even possibly converting to Catholicism after I did--they certainly received a lot of exposure to the Faith, since they came with me to many events in my parish, and after I entered the convent, they visited me frequently while I was there and had many conversations with the other Sisters.  


When I began the process of applying to become a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph, their only question was, "how will this impact us?"  Once I reassured them that I was not going to leave them, they never asked any more questions.  And even now, when I go to something related to Church, they almost never express any interest or curiosity, other than "when will you get home?" --or comments that amount to "you spend too much time there."  


I suddenly feel very liberated!  I am not responsible for the choices they have made, or have not made!  All I am responsible for, is to continue to pray that their hearts will become open to Him, and they will want to live their lives with Him and for Him, as I am trying to do.  Blessed be God forever!  +



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